Welcome to March organizers! We’re just sitting here dreaming of Spring. Watching the Springtime festivals and events roll onto Freshtix is getting us so excited! In the meantime though, our office is freezing and I can’t feel my hands so I’m going to skip the intro and go buy a heated mouse. Get your read on gang.

5 Essential Audio Visual Questions Planners Forget To Ask via Event Manager Blog


Event managers often have to make soirees into fields like design, catering and AV. The field of audiovisual technology especially, is a crucial part of any and every event, and is often a gap in the knowledgebase of aspiring and novice planners.

Why we clipped it: Sometimes we’re really good with the flashy stuff and forget to focus on the less sexy things like AV but it’s super important to ask the right questions.

Guest Blog: 4 Ways Social Media Data Can Power Events Marketing via Event Industry News


With so much exciting content to share, event producers have a natural advantage in the social media realm. Given the findings announced this week by The Event Marketing Institute, effective use of social media should be a cornerstone of any event marketing program. But are you leveraging that content in the right way? Is it helping you achieve your objectives for attendance and audience mix.

Why we clipped it: It was a quick but beneficial read.

The Social Media Checklist for Concert Promotion via Postano


Whether you’re putting together a show at a local bar or trying to fill a stadium with thousands of seats, social media is extremely useful for promotion purposes. Before you get started, take a look at the following checklist to make sure you’re generating the maximum amount of buzz possible.

Why we clipped it: Many of our Freshtix organizers are concert promoters or small to mid-size live music venues. These we really great tips, many of which we help our organizers execute.

Use This Half-Day Productivity Hack to Knock Out Your Priority Projects via Entrepreneur


Can we all just agree right now that the most productive day of our work year is that last day before we leave for vacation? You know the feeling: you have one day to clear your task list of everything that will otherwise need attention when you return a week or two from now.

Why we clipped it: These things tend to be kind of silly or exceptionally obvious but this little hack actually is pretty brilliant. Also, how hilarious is that Lego picture?

Hall & Oats Sue Makers of Haulin’ Oats Granola via The Guardian


Where once they offered the world an Abandoned Luncheonette, Hall & Oates are now trying to close down the breakfast bar, too. The pop-soul duo are suing the Brooklyn-based “artisanal granola” company Early Bird – maker of “wholesome and nourishing small batch granola” – over its Haulin’ Oats range.

Why we clipped it: I mean, who are you? You hate bloggers. You make fun of Twitter. You don’t even have a Facebook page. You’re the one who doesn’t exist! (click here if you just said ‘huh?’)

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