While attending an event in Kingsport, Tennessee this past weekend we met up with some of our friends from the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce. They recommended an iOS app which we think anyone organizing an event will find extremely useful. It is called Crowdsize.

To estimate the size of your crowd based on the density of attendees, simply find the location of your event on a map. You can search by the address or just drag the map and pinch to zoom in.

Crowd size estimator app screenshot

Once you find the location, you can pinch and swipe to zoom in and out to be more precise. Next, “lock” the area of your event and outline the perimeter.

Crowd size estimation app screenshot

Drag the slider to populate the crowd. You can choose from Light, Medium and Heavy to describe the crowd density.

Crowd size estimating app screenshot

Click ‘done’ and the app will estimate the number of people at your event. If you’re trying to find a location for your event, the app will help you determine if a location is big enough.

App for estimating crowd sizes screenshot

You can download the Crowdsize iOS app in the App Store.



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