Freshtix Music Venues

14 years ago when we started in the ticketing business, the bigger ticketing companies weren’t interested in small music clubs. We were. We knew we would help them sell more tickets in advance (than anyone else) by reducing the convenience fee (not hard) and vastly improving customer service for both the ticket buyer and the venue (again, NOT hard).

We Were Right

We quickly built a name for ourselves as the Ticket Alternative.

When we launched our platform in 2014, the needs of a live music venue were again our first thought.

The Top 10

Here are the Top 10 reasons Freshtix is the best ticketing choice for live music venues and clubs.

#10 – We make it easy to invite past ticket buyers to new shows/events

#9 – We make it easy to create a new event by simply copying an old one

#8 – We give you an integrated calendar feature showcasing your events

#7 – We include a built-in Point-Of-Sale solution

#6 – We give you many ticket delivery options including mobile, email & paper tickets

#5 – We drive ticket sales by including your events in our weekly newsletters to millions of subscribers

#4 – We give you a full-blown ticketing solution with the ability to manage your own comp tickets, refunds as well as lookup orders

#3 – We make it easy to share reports with outside promoters and booking agents

#2 – We make it easy to create tracking links to keep track of where you ticket sales come from

#1 – We have the lowest fees and we give you total control over your rebates



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