Every day, more music venues are choosing to work directly with Freshtix- and it’s easy to see why. From our simple report sharing module, which enables organizers to easily share ticket sales reports, to our tool that allows venue owners to inform previous attendees of upcoming events, Freshtix continually works to streamline the selling experience for venue owners.

In the spirit of continuing to highlight our popular offerings for music venues, Freshtix is excited to roll out the various ticket distribution options that we currently offer:

BOCA Thermal Ticket Stock

At the request of the many live music venues we work with, the ability to print tickets to regular BOCA thermal ticket stock is a very popular new addition. Aside from the added level of security, event tickets printed on BOCA stock provide attendees with a keepsake from their experience at your venue.

Here’s a handy guide to assist you with ticket printing equipment needs.


Thermal Paper Tickets 

You can print tickets using Freshtix’s Box Office solution and a Star thermal printer or a Boca thermal ticket printer. Many venues select this option because of the quick turnaround time between purchasing the ticket, printing, and passing along the physical copy to their attendees.

Check out the entire process in real-time here. 



Mobile Ticket Delivery

Many venues offer a mobile ticket vs other printed options. With the Freshtix Box Office solution, venues can choose to deliver their tickets in a scan-able option that can expedite event entry, and require attendees to keep track of one less item.

See our previous article on the primary differences between mobile and printable tickets for further examples.

Email Ticket Delivery 

Arguably the most commonplace method for ticket delivery, many venues choose to send their tickets as attached PDF files along with the purchase confirmation email.  Simply put, there is more real estate available on this ticket type that organizers have chosen to include venue information, sell sponsorships, or advertise upcoming events.



Walt McGinnis

Atlanta-based Digital Marketing Manager with Freshtix and Ticket Alternative.


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