Happy Friday everyone! March Madness has begun and we have all of our staff brackets up and the fierce competition has taken off!. In other news, this is a very exciting milestone for us at Freshtix. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of our very first Freshtix event “Beer Carnival!” We had a blast showing the power of Freshtix off last year not only selling tickets but promoting the event and even staffing the entrance. We’ll be back at it again tomorrow in Atlantic Station in Atlanta. Happy birthday to us! Here’s what we read this week. Get your read on gang.

#EventProfs and Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn via Event Manager Blog



LinkedIn is the largest professional social network with 347 million reported users – over half of the 600 million professionals in the world. Perhaps surprisingly it is also currently the third fastest growing social network. It is however overlooked by many #eventprofs in their marketing and social media strategy. This post considers how Event Professionals, content marketers and bloggers can get the most out of the platform.

Why we clipped it: They’re  right, We know how to use Facebook and Twitter, and sort of Instagram but what about LinkedIn? Don’t discount it!

Importance of Culture to An Event Company via Endless Entertainment


Culture is inching it’s way up to the top of everyone’s list, becoming an actual criteria that companies and candidates must possess to recruit some of the best talent in the market. Understanding and building your own culture will be a necessity to play amongst the big dogs, but before you dive deep into culture with your own company, pause and take a moment to grasp what this culture movement is really about.

Why we clipped it: Just because you produce events or maybe even a single event doesn’t mean you aren’t a company. And like Endless will point out to you, company culture is becoming increasingly important to job seekers (aka potential employees).

Nominate Your 2015 Women of Influence! via Venues Today


We need your nominations! Venues Today magazine is preparing for the seventh annual Venues Today Women of Influence Awards! The chosen three women will have made a difference in the sports, entertainment, fair and meetings industries.

Why we clipped it: Girl Power! I’m sure you know some fantastic and successful women that are more than deserving of this award so get your votes in!

41 Alternatives to the Word ‘Cool’ via Entrepreneur


We’re all writers here, so let’s see if we can’t come up with a few alternatives to the word “cool.” (“Cool” as an adjective meaning good or excellent: “That Tesla is cool.”) Here are a few to get started, though not all of these will apply in every context.

Why we clipped it: As a marketing I run into this problem A LOT. ‘Cool’ and ‘Awesome’ are the bane of my copy writing existence. I could’ve use a thesaurus but this list is so much better.

10 Breakfasts You Can Make The Night Before via Lifehack.org


What do you do when you’re running late? Truthfully when this happens I tend to grab a granola bar on my way out and call it breakfast. Note: a granola bar is NOT breakfast. What should happen on mornings when I sleep in, is that I should be able to grab an already-prepared meal from my refrigerator.

Why we clipped it: Forget “accidentally sleeping in.” I savor my sleep, every last minute of it. But that usually means I’m running on e for the first few hours of the day. Making my breakfast the night before sounds like an excellent idea.

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