It’s Friday the 13th…again. Which really just seems cruel but we’re trying not to focus on it because we have a boatload of St. Patrick’s day events going on tomorrow. We and our organizers will be painting the town green! Did you guys see this one St. Patrick’s day hashtag on twitter? #WhosYourPaddy. Come on, that’s genius. I love a good play on words. I also just love words. Here’s a bunch of words we read this week. Get your read on gang.

6 Tips to Improves Your Survey And Data Capture In 2015 via techsytalk


Although every event is different for every brand in terms of goals and opportunities, on-site data capture is that one constant, vital metric all marketers need in order to gain insights and justify event spend. Since everything, yes everything, can use a bit of improvement, here are some insider tips to legitimately improve your data capture strategy and workflow in 2015.

Why we clipped it: If you know me, or you’ve seen my LinkedIn profile you’ll know that I freakin’ love data. This post has some great tips for data collection before, during, and after your event.

Top Catering Trends for 2015 via Special Events


At Paramount Events Catering, we strive to create an extraordinary experience that enhances our clients’ vision and taste, each and every time. Whether it’s a cocktail party for 50 guests or a seated dinner for 10,000, our events team brings together all of the elements to produce a successful event. What will set 2015 apart from year’s past? Here are our predictions for the top event trends to expect this year.

Why we clipped it: You should probably be on top of this, but also, NOM NOM NOM.

50 Examples of Brilliant Homepage Designs via HubSpot


In this free lookbook, you can explore homepage designs from businesses all over the world in several different industries.

Why we clipped it: Your event website is really important. It’s also important that it look appealing. There’s plenty of design inspiration in this lookbook for those of you that aren’t exactly sure what you want.

This is what happens when you put away your phone for a week via Mashable


I’ve never seen my co-worker Allen use a phone. I know he has one; I’ve called and texted him, and he asked my opinion on the iPhone 6 versus the Plus. But those are my only clues to its existence, because Allen has a strict no-phones-around-others policy…So I decided to (literally) pocket my phone for a week. Here’s what happened.

Why we clipped it: We’ve all thought about doing this or even just turning the phone off in the evening. We’ve read all the articles about how it will help with stress, and sleep, and blah blah blah. But this guy actually did it and the results he uncovered are a little more human. Interesting read.

The real Michael Bolton plays Michael Bolton in ‘Office Space’ via Mashable


Sixteen years after the cult classic film Office Space hit the screens, singer Michael Bolton is getting in on the gag by playing the part of Michael Bolton.

Why we clipped it: So many reasons. 1. This is just awesome. 2. Michael Bolton retweeted us once. 3. In a previous job I reenacted the fax machine scene with co-workers and it was pretty epic. 4. See number 1

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