Happy almost Valentine’s Day! There are lots of flowers being delivered to the office today despite the dreaded date. That’s right, it’s also Friday the 13th! You know, my mom fell through the ceiling on Friday the 13th once. I texted her yesterday to remind her to stay out of the attic today. But enough about me, onto the Fresh Reads! Here’s everything we read this week picked just for you, our beloved event planners. Get your read on gang.

Sponsorship Ideas From Super Bowl Fan Experiences via Velvet Chainsaw


Super Bowl fans paid big money to attend the experience in Arizona. Sponsors paid big money for game day ads. And some paid for unique customer experiences, some onsite and some online. The savviest sponsors engaged fans before they ever hit the turnstiles or clicked their remote. They knew that getting the most from their sponsorship dollars required a separate activation plan to engage potential customers.

Why we clipped it: We love pretty much anything from Velvet Chainsaw but this was a particularly good one on a topic that is sometimes forgotten.

How To Lure Guests to an Event in The Dead of Winter via BizBash 


How does a venue draw 250 guests to a Friday-night opening in the middle of February? By offering lots of drinks, treats, and fun activities. On Friday night, Chicago event space Hub Studio Loft hosted a grand opening bash produced by Pure Kitchen Catering and A Perfect Event, with help from other vendors that brought in everything from an indoor skating rink to beach-theme decor. Here’s a look inside the evening.

Why We Clipped It: Basically we’re freezing to death down here in Atlanta. I know what you’re thinking but seriously, we’re not used to 45 degree weather plus wind! We don’t know how you event planners in cold climates do it. But BizBash does.

Business Entertaining in 2015: 5 New Locations in Atlanta via BizBash


Here are new restaurants, hotels, and a museum suitable for off-site meetings, client entertaining, or even intimate events in and around Atlanta.

Why We Clipped It: Because ATLANTA!! (Freshtix HQ)

5 Ways to Inspire Your Next Idea via Inc.


Coming up with great ideas isn’t only for inventors and entrepreneurs. Being able to come up with innovative ideas is also a great asset at work or home, and can save you time while performing daily tasks.

Why we clipped it: Event planners and managers are some of the most creative people we know. But even really creative people run low on juice sometimes.

A Brief History of Friday The 13th via TIME


Face it, you’re screwed. Today is Friday the 13th — the unluckiest day on the calendar — so try not to crash your car, fall down a flight of stairs, set yourself on fire or do anything else that might compromise your well-being. And for God’s sake, stay away from men in hockey masks.

Why we clipped it: We had no idea Friday the 13th had such a long history!


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