analyticsOk, maybe we’re a little bit nerdy about ticket sales data, but we think our new Analytics tool is the bee’s knees and we’re pretty sure you will too. Let’s face it: data is everything these days, so we made it our goal to provide you comprehensive information on everything from daily ticket sales to revenue by ticket type and web page views! How you use your data is up to you, but we think it’s great for identifying trends, tweaking messaging and increasing traffic through targeted Marketing activities. Learn more!

In addition to our analytics, we’ve also made updates to a couple of other features!

Manage Questions
This feature allows you to ask customers a question before they can secure a ticket. In addition to providing an added layer of security, this allows you to collect additional information about your audience! There are two types of questions to ask: those asked based on the type of ticket purchased and those asked as part of the general order. For example,  “What is your t-shirt size?” is a question you might ask everyone buying a VIP ticket, whereas “How did you hear about us?” is the sort of question you would ask on all orders for an event. Learn more!

New Image Sizes
 Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.04.19 PMOne of the best parts of being a Freshtix customer is the marketing support your events receive! If you’d like your event featured on the Freshtix home page or in the weekly Freshtix newsletter, all we’ll need is an image! We’ve recently updated the required newsletter image size to 600×400. All you have to do is upload your graphic in Marketing Images under “newsletter image” and we’ll make sure to give you some coverage.

We are constantly working to make Freshtix the best one-stop DIY ticketing software around. Please share your feedback with us about these new Freshtix features, as well as requests for future enhancements!



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