There are plenty of deal sites out there: Living Social, Groupon, TravelZoo, GoldStar etc and they all promise to help you reach a new audience in exchange for a piece of the pie.

With Freshtix, you can list your “deal” and keep all of the pie to yourself.

Here’s how it works. In this example lets assume you’re selling tickets to your event for $20.00 each.

You’ve heard their pitch. Give them X number of tickets and they’ll offer their audience of X thousand newsletter subscribers a 2-for-1 deal. (E.G. two tickets for $20, instead of $40)

They’ll cover the credit card fees and give you back 40% (if you’re getting a good deal, sometimes it’s worse) of what they sell. That means you’ll get $12 for every 2 tickets they sell.

If you do the math, that means you’re getting $6 per ticket instead of $20 if you sell them yourself.

But they’re telling you this is a “marketing” deal and not to look at it as lost ticket sales. They want you to take this ‘expense’ out of the marketing budget.

Here are the problems with this deal. Typically:

  • It’s a 60/40 split (at best)
  • They’ll send your deal to their list maybe once or twice and that’s the extent of their marketing
  • They provide very little if any customer service for your ticket buyers with questions
  • They don’t provide staff or offer a simple way to check people in once they arrive at your event. (Theirs is often a paper list that may not even be alapbetized!)
  • They won’t share your customer information with you. Sure, you get first name/last name data to check people in, but that’s often it.

Now consider listing your inventory on Freshtix and here’s what you will get:

  • 100% of your sales (the fee is paid by the customer)
  • Regular marketing and promotion through
    • Multiple e-mail blasts to hundreds of thousands
    • Twitter and Facebook marketing and promotion
    • Blog and website inclusions
  • Customer service 7 days a week. Our call center is at your disposal to help answer your customer’s questions
  • Ticket scanners to easily check people in at the event – download our app to your own device or borrow scanners from us
  • Staff to scan tickets and provide customer service on site (and we promise if you choose to use an old-fashioned paper list our’s will be alphabetized!)
  • Download all of your customer data. Name, Address, Email Address and Phone Number. This gives you a real opportunity to connect with your customers. After they’ve attended the event, thank them for coming. Or, contact them in advance of the event with a special, personalized message: ‘where to check in’ or ‘what to expect’.
  Living Social Freshtix
Deal Value You Get Approx. 60% You Keep 100%
Atlanta Email Reach 500,000 400,000
Twitter Reach (unknown) 100,000+
Email Inclusions 1 Many
Other Marketing Opportunities (unknown) Websites, Blogs, Facebook, Partners
Customer Service (unknown) 7 Days Per Week
Mobile App To Check In Attendees No Yes
Staff to Work Large Events No Yes
Equipment For Large Events No Yes
Own Your Customer Data No Yes
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