Using RFID-enabled wristbands, lanyards or cards at your event presents you with other opportunities to engage your attendees both during and after the event. Take your RFID solution further than your standard RFID cashless payments and access control.

At Taste of Atlanta this year, we used RFID-enabled wristbands to share photos of attendees which were automatically posted to their social media accounts.

Festival staff roamed the event with Bluetooth-enabled cameras and took photos of people enjoying food from some of Atlanta’s best restaurants. After taking a photo, they tapped the attendee’s wristband with an RFID scanner to associate that particular photo on the camera with the attendee(s) in the photo. The photo was instantly posted to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

With a sponsor tie-in, you have a great opportunity to interact with that sponsor’s brand or logo by adding it to the photo.

Take it one step further and associate “points” with the photos. Create a program by which attendees can collect points (like currency) which can later be redeemed for festival merchandise.

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Taste of Atlanta RFID




Freshtix RFID Solutions for Festivals from Freshtix on Vimeo.


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