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Image Credit: Google Analytics

Event Organizers can add their Google Analytics ID when creating an event.

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google that allows a user to learn more about where the traffic to a web page or web site comes from.

An event organizer should add their Google Analytics code if they wanted to know:

  • How many people are visiting their event page on
  • How did they arrive at that page?
  • How long did they spend on the page?

Here are the steps needed to set up Google Analytics

  1. Create an account or login to your existing Google Analytics account
  2. Locate your ID number or create a new one. The ID will look something like UA-46595026-1 (it always starts with UA)
  3. Copy the ID
  4. Login to
  5. Create an event
  6. Under the ‘Marketing’ tab in the event wizard, paste your Google Analytics ID
  7. Save and publish your event

After 24 hours, you should start to see results.

To view your results login to Google Analytics. (you will view them Google Analytics, not on Freshtix)

You can learn more about this in our support center


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