At Freshtix, we work with organizers on EVERY kind of event (really, ask us). From outdoor festivals to intimate networking events, we understand the need for nuance when serving alcoholic beverages. Serving alcohol at a professional event can be tricky – you want everyone to have a great time, but we also know what happens when it’s too a great a time. So how do event organizers find middle-ground when offering alcohol at a professional event? Here are some tips and tricks we’ve put together to help!

1. Offer a variety of fun, non-alcoholic beverages. Not all of the drinks served have to be alcoholic. Many people actually prefer not to drink at events for professional reasons. There are a ton of drink options to serve that are still fun and creative.  Here are a few recipes you may want to offer: 20+ Amazing Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks.

virgin mojito

2. Consider serving just beer and wine, no liquor. This can save money as well as help keep guests at a more appropriate level of intoxication. Also, try to avoid large portions of mixed drinks, such as punch, as you cannot measure the level of liquor intake a person has had.

3. Always serve food at the start of the event so attendees are not drinking on an empty stomach. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Serving food, particularly appetizers, at the start of the event can help maintain levels of sobriety. You may also want to serve a small bite and coffee at the end to help event-goers sober up before hitting the road.

4. If the event has children, try to stick to beer and wine, no liquor. Because kids love to feel special, consider trying some kid-friendly non-alcoholic beverages they can all drink together! Here are a few recipes you can try: 10 Fun Drinks To Serve To Children.

glacier punch

5. Limit the number of drinks. Provide drink tickets or another method to track the amount of alcohol served. This is the safest way to ensure and monitor attendee consumption.

6Use trained bartenders to serve alcohol. Always rely on professionals and other event staff to serve your drinks and be sure to monitor help-yourself beverage bars that include alcohol.

7. Limit the number of hours that the bar is open. Close the bar during dinner or at another reasonable time to signal the ending of an event. We suggest closing about an hour before the event ends so that if an attendee has had a little too much, they have enough time to sober up before leaving.

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Regardless of the type of event you’re organizing, Freshtix has some FreshTips to help make your event a success for both you and your patrons! Contact Omar Dandan to learn more about using the Freshtix platform!


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