What do you use Pinterest for? Most use it to search for yummy recipes, organize a dream closet or plan their non-existent wedding. However in the past few years, businesses have started seeing the benefits of using Pinterest as a social media tool. Not only is it a great way to organize and share industry content, but it provides a great platform for visuals like infographics and other creative content.

So for all you marketing gurus out there, here are 10 Pinterest boards we couldn’t resist:

1. Social Media Tips / Tailwind Team

This board by Tailwind Team gives you plenty of overall tips for social media performance enhancers. Tailwind Team is actually an app that helps companies grow their presence on social media. They have 44 boards, so if you cant find what you’re looking for, you’re out of luck!

Social Media Tips 2

2. Web Design / Creative Bloq

This extensive board offers everything from web design tools to prototyping websites on paper. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, Creative Bloq offers information on creating a website to fleshing one out.

3. Branding / Mediabistro Creative Sites

From the latest branding news to tips on your own branding, this board has almost 500 pins for a little (or a lot) of inspiration. We like this one because it also includes a lot of industry news.

4. General Marketing / The Social Media Room

For a general business and online marketing overview, we recommend this board from The Social Media Room! We especially love this board’s use of infographics. They also have many other boards for social media, and event sort them out by platform.

General Marketing Tips 2

5. Blogging Tips / Pinch of Yum

This Minneapolis stay at home blogger is famous for her healthy food pins, but she sure does know a lot about blogging! This board has a ton of fantastic and fun tips for bloggers to keep you in the loop.

6. SEO Tips / Pmesocial

Pmesocial is a Pinterest account dedicated sharing tips about SEO, social media, SMMS, inbound marketing, digital marketing, and marketing campaigns and advertising. This board has over 2,000 pins of SEO content!

7. Event Planning Tips / Attend

While most event planning boards on Pinterest cater to weddings, this particular board by Attend does a great job of gearing planning towards businesses and other general events. Their board serves as a sort of spin-off of their event planning blog, which you can find here.

Event planning tips 2

8. Trade Show Tips & Info / Sergio Coppa

Sergio Coppa is a Marketing and Communications Manager for United Blood Services. He has an extensive Pinterest presence, including this helpful board with tips and info specifically for trade shows.

9. General Business Tips / Heather Crabtree

Heather Crabtree is a business coach and strategist for creative entrepreneurs. She has over 6,000 followers on her Pinterest page (woah!) and 70 total boards. This board is great for general business tips with everything from preparing for conferences to earning credibility.

10. Google+ Tips / Jeff Sien

Google+ seems to be the most tricky social media platform, but Jeff Sien provides this board with 600 pins to help you figure it out, with tips from beginner to expert level.

Google+ Tips 2

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