It was two years ago when Google announced it had partnered with us (Ticket Alternative) and several other ticketing companies to make finding events on the web easier.

By utilizing markup on our web pages, we made it easier for search engines like Google to understand what the page was about therefore making it easier for people to find your event. More importantly, this helps you sell more tickets.

As the official source for tickets to so many events, this helped confirm us as an authoritative site for tickets links. Google began to show our events in their search results in-line with your original search request rather than sending to you another page with another link to click.

They say there are 2 primary reasons ticket for events go unsold.

  1. Because no one knew about the event
  2. Because no one knew what the event was about

By partnering with Google we have taken care of #1.

We can also help with #2 – get in touch with our marketing department and we’ll help your potential ticket buyers understand what they can expect at your event. It’s all about the experience!

(here is the original Ticket Alternative article about our partnership)

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