5 Event Planner Cliches That Are No Longer True via Event Manager Blog


We’re all aware of the cliches that come along with a career of event planning, and while some of them may be true, there are others that are simply just not true.

Why we clipped it: This post does a great job of not only breaking down the silly cliches associated with event planning, but also of giving some really great advice to those in the industry!

How To Get More Sales From Your Mobile Visitors via QuickSprout



Mobile device usage is on the uprise, and over the next few years, most of a website’s traffic growth will come from those devices. It’s becoming so important that Google is making algorithm changes based on mobile device usage.

Why we clipped it: This post has a fantastic infographic that breaks down some important statistics regarding mobile device usage and gives great tips on how to increase sales via a mobile device.

5 Super Successful Ways to Become a Great Communicator via Inc.



Great communicators are highly respected and trusted, and appreciate all their relationships and interactions they have. Most importantly, they are successful people who become the go-to source for others within an organization.

Why we clipped it: Good communication skills are always a desirable asset, and this article gives five basic and essential tips on how to become a great communicator.

3 Amazing Examples of Ecommerce Companies Ensuring Customer Delight via HubSpot Blogs

Hand putting check mark with blue marker


When customers experience the minimum requirements of an online shopping experience, they are happy enough. There are companies out there that are going above and beyond the “happy enough” factor in an effort to produce what’s known as customer delight!

Why we clipped it: We’re fans of great customer service, and incorporating ways to produce customer delight is a wonderful way to have superior customer service in a world that is dominated by so many online companies.

Delta’s New Safety Video Is The “Internetest” Ever via MeetingsNet

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.44.49 PM

Delta’s newest safety video features 22 pop-culture references, ranging from the double-rainbow guy to the annoying orange in a 6 minute video.

Why we clipped it: For a couple reasons – one, in honor of our Marketing Manager Ashley’s current trip to Paris, and two, because we love that Delta found a creative way to get people to actually pay attention to their safety videos.

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