Welcome to another Friday Fresh Reads! I’m going to do a little bragging here for a moment. My birthday is next Saturday so I will be jetting off to Paris for a week on Wednesday! Jealous? Yeah I would be too. Kidding kidding. If you’ve ever been to Paris, feel free to leave me your world traveler tips in the comments. In company – news we’re gearing up for a busy Summer with big Freshtix festivals all over the Southeast! With that, get your read on gang.

4 Proven Nonprofit Event Branding Techniques via Special Events Blog


Branding can make or break your event. It’s something so important, but often an underutilized part of event strategy. When it’s done right, it makes event planning that much easier.

Why we clipped it: Nonprofits sometimes get the short-end of the stick when it comes to event advice. We wanted to make sure we’re helping them too. Also, I had no idea what a gobo was. Had to look that one up.

6 East Ways to Increase Attendee Interaction via Event Manager Blog


As an event planner you thrive on seeing your guests connect with other attendees and engage in the content or experience being presented. You would love for every attendee to leave your event saying “That was an amazing experience! I am so happy I attended and I met so many wonderful new people.”… but as we all know, that isn’t always the case.

Why we clipped it: Uhg. A bunch of disengaged attendees. THE WORST. These are 6 pretty simple fixes. If you want more tips read our post How To: Keep Your Event From Becoming a Middle School Dance (It’s a much funnier title anyway).

10 Marketing Hacks for Increasing Event Ticket Sales via Event Industry News



For event organizers there are few measures more critical than ticket sales, but knowing exactly how to increase this critical number can present a challenge. General marketing efforts can do a great deal for raising awareness about your event and bringing new attendees in, but there are a myriad of other steps that should be taken to drive sales. Knowing your audience is always a key factor, but no matter what type event you’re putting on, using these hacks will surely enhance your ticketing sales efforts.

Why we clipped it: I really could have written this myself. But they did it first so there ya go. Also, the Freshtix platform allows for the majority of the suggestions. Plug, plug.

21 Tips for Unlocking Your Creative Genius via MarketingProfs


Need some marketing inspiration? The following infographic by Entrepreneur Magazine and Lemonly is packed with ideas for getting your creativity flowing. “Get moving,” the infographic recommends. “Walks boost creative thinking.” If you can’t let your body wander, get your mind wandering new path.

Why we clipped it: Infographics! Really though, these tips are pretty good. When you click it’s going to look like you need to join to read it. While I think you should join, you can just click the x on the bottom to make it go away.

Grandma tries to blow our birthday candles, blows out her dentures instead via Mashable


Centenarians can get away with pretty much anything. For 102-year-old Nonnie, this includes spitting her dentures out while attempting to blow out birthday candles. Photojournalist Lynsey Addario captured the absurd moment during a celebration for her grandmother’s birthday in Connecticut.

Why we clipped it: So. Cute. We hope we’re this adorable when we’re 102.

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