After a very busy week for Freshtix, Friday has finally arrived. We had our annual office Easter egg hunt this morning and we’re patiently awaiting the arrival of our free lunch Friday from our favorite chinese place. The best way I can think of to distract myself from my rumbling stomach is to tell you what we read this week. Get your read on gang.

Exhibitor Feedback Drives Improvements at Huge Trade Show via BizBash


Wider aisles, more food options, and increased transportation created a better experience for the more than 60,000 attendees at the International Plastics Showcase.

Why we clipped it: It is a great example of how user feedback can really be used to grow your event if you truly decide to listen and respond.

5 Easy Steps To Sell More Event Tickets via Event Manager Blog



Promoting your event to potential attendees is not easy. Competition from similar events, a lack of a strong event identity or lacklustre communications are factors that make it harder to attract attendees. You may have the best event design and content in the world but how do you attract your target audience to register? How do you sell more event tickets?

Why we clipped it: We’ve read “this article” a million times but this one actually had a fresh perspective. We really liked the concept of “storifying” your event.

Mobile Tickets Offer Opportunities to Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction via Ticketing Today


The rapidly growing world of mobile tickets has integrated useful features for both corporate and consumer needs. New mobile ticket applications not only process ticket payments, but also integrate smoothly with your entire database, providing real-time sales and seating data.

Why we clipped it: Mobile is here to stay and your fans are only going to become more dependent upon it. Make sure you’re staying on top of the trends.

5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out via Entrepreneur


More than 70 million new photos are uploaded to Instagram daily, though, so how can you make your images stand out? If you approach a photo shoot like a brand journalist, your Instagram feed can achieve visual victory. Try these techniques.

Why we clipped it: If you’re a regular on the Freshtix blog you know we love instagram for events. This is a nice quick read if you’re lacking a little photog talent.

20th Century Creepy Easter Bunnies via Mashable


Hop far, far away from these bad bunnies.

Why we clipped it: Happy Easter, weirdos.

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