Is it just us or did February fly by? Come Monday it will be March and that means St. Patrick’s day events, March Madness, and hopefully some warmer weather! Did you guys have to deal with Remus? Technically we here in Atlanta didn’t but judging by the utter lack of traffic the past couple of days you’d think it was Snowpocalypse part 2. Onto the picks! Here’s what we dug up this week. Get your read on gang.

How To Create An Event That Drives ROI via MarketingProfs


Events can be a successful technique for marketing, engagement, and networking—if they’re done properly. Unfortunately, many organizations settle for mundane, outdated, and unimaginative events. Here are five tactics you can use to ensure your attendees thoroughly enjoy your events and, in turn, ensure ROI.

Why we clipped it: It’s so true. Not everyone is an event planner by trade. Also, no one goes to lunch and learns anymore. Stop doing those.

5 TED Talks That Will Teach You Event Design via Endless Entertainment


Designing the an event space that is both functional, and pleasant to look at can be difficult. On the one hand, #eventprofs need to seat all of their attendees, on the other hand, event planners want their spaces to feel unique and sophisticated. If you can relate to this challenge, you’re in luck. Here are five Ted Talks from world leaders in design, the goal being to inspire you to create event spaces that have sophistication and style, while also being functional for your attendees.

Why we clipped it: TED talks are legit the greatest thing ever. It’s like the smartest people on the planet talking about everything you’ve ever wondered about. Intellectual stimulation y’all!

Content Repurposing for Better Associate and Event Marketing via PlannerWire


Content Marketing is not a joke, it is not a fad, and it is something that is never going away. In fact, the only thing that is unique about content marketing is that fact that we now call it “Content Marketing”.  Some brilliant marketer added a capital C and M to make it more “official” like… probably got herself a good raise for doing it too… Yep, Content Marketing has been around for a long, long, time and now is the time for you to start putting it to good use without making yourself crazy.

Why we clipped it: Personally I related so much to this concept of “we definitely do not have time for that.” If that’s ever been you then you need to read this.

How To Share Music On Pinterest via Mashable


We’ve been checking out your Pinterest page, and it’s seriously lacking some tunes. But don’t worry — you can easily add audio from a variety of sites to give your boards some musical pizzazz. Mashable gives you a few creative ways to make the most of music on Pinterest.

Why we clipped: Bet you thought your music festival or live show couldn’t utilize Pinterest. WRONG! Go read.

Overdressed via TechCrunch


If you were offline between, say, 7pm and 10pm Eastern last night, boy, things must have seemed real weird when you logged back onto Twitter. Despite what you might have heard, BuzzFeed did not invent the optical illusion. “The Dress,” as it immediately became known, is but one in a long line of images that trick the eye and the brain.

Why we clipped it: Even though I’m like totally a marketing genius (jk jk) sometimes I see something and I think to myself, “I really don’t get you Internet.”

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