It’s amazing we still found time to read this week. Why, you ask? Well we were gallivanting around Austin, TX at the International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON) rubbing elbows with the brains behind iconic festivals like Coachella, EDC, and Lollapalooza. Shout out to Freebirds World Burrito! Get your read on gang.

The 15 Most Innovative Meetings 2014 via BizBash


BizBash’s annual list of the most innovative meetings includes many that have been around for years and yet continue to find new, interesting ways to be relevant to their attendees and others that are relatively new and challenging the status quo.

Why we clipped: We love all things clever and inspirational. If you want to see what the biggest names in meetings were up to this year and get some ideas, this is the place.

25 Amazing Business Books from 2014 via Entrepreneur


Whether you’re planning a much-needed vacation or gearing up to visit the family during the upcoming holidays, now is the perfect time to find a book to help you kill the time during your travels. But why not get something more out of your reading?

Why we clipped: We’re big readers here at Freshtix and even more so we love to read books that will help us grow as people and as a busniess. This is a great list for anyone who shares our thirst for improvement. Our favorites are numbers 8, 15, and 18.

Winners Announced: 2014 Event Design Awards via Event Marketer


The EDA’s recognize the best event and exhibit environments among this industry’s top experience designers and innovators, and the award-winning projects reflect how the world’s best creative studios are reinventing experience design across all categories. Event Design Award winners competed across 12 categories and were selected by a panel of brand-side judges.

Why we clipped: We get really excited about awards. We’re not really sure why.

What Hath Big Data Wrought? via Lineup Live


Big Data analysis  provides far more efficient digital marketing. Gone are the mass blanket advertising and hunches of the past. Today’s organizers determine what audiences may want and target pitches based on each attendee’s past behavior, all recorded in a comprehensive database.

Why we clipped: Data about your attendees, your audience, etc is readily available. But how do you collect it and what do you do with it once you have? This is a great deep dive into the umbrella phrase that was thrown around all of 2014.

Hack the Holidays with These Four Pringles Can Projects via Lifehacker


Remember when the holidays were a time of pure, innocent joy, and the stress of last-minute gift wrapping and fighting through mall parking lots was something your parents had to deal with? Make your inner child proud by putting some wholesome fun and creativity back in the holiday season with these Pringles can hacks. Just know that giving your wife that potholder you made in elementary school art class will probably land you in the doghouse till Valentine’s Day.

Why we clipped: Don’t you love holiday crafting? Don’t you love Pringles? Don’t you want to tell your kids you ate the entire can of pizza Pringles in one sitting so you could make them an advent calendar? Duh.

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