In case you aren’t out wrestling a fellow shopper over a waffle iron for 75% off (because that’s where we are right now…) here’s what we were flipping through this week. Get your read on gang.

How to Be Successful on Twitter: 9 Surprising Stats to Know via HubSpot


Thanks to SocialBro, we have new data from over 200,000 corporate tweets to prove what works on Twitter … and what doesn’t.

Why we clipped: Because it’s almost 2015, you need to know how to use Twitter.

Growing Conference Technology Competency To Increase Your Value via Velvet Chainsaw


As a conference organizer, how would you rank your competency regarding conference technologies like registration, speaker management databases, exhibits, conference apps, wayfinding signage, email marketing, CRM data bases and social media? Technology geek, technophobe or somewhere in between?

Why we clipped: Since we’re in event tech, it’s our job to help you become a savvy decision maker. You’re welcome!

10 New Atlanta Venues for Winter Meetings and Events via BizBash


Here’s a look at the best new Atlanta restaurants, hotels, party rooms, corporate event venues, conference centers, and private rooms to open for events this winter. These new and renovated Atlanta venues can accommodate groups large or small for private and corporate events, meetings, business dinners, cocktail parties, conferences, weddings, and more.

Why we clipped: Freshtix is headquartered in Atlanta so of course we’re really proud of it. Featured on this list is the College Football Hall of Fame which is a client of our parent company and we’re also really proud of that. So basically we clipped because we’re proud.

Be Savvier About Crowdfunding: What Our Experts Advise via Entrepreneur 


Crowdfunding has changed the funding landscape for businesses and investors. To maximize the process, here are some tips from experts at Entrepreneur shared in a recent Google hangout.

Why we clipped: One new trend in events is the crowd funded event. If you’ve ever considered producing an event this way, this is a great read. (Full disclosure, it’s actually a video.)

A Dog Dressed as a Bear on The Treadmill Will Get You Through This Week via Mashable


Munchkin the shih tzu, who earned viral dog status in early November for donning an adorable teddy bear Halloween costume, is back with an exercise video that puts all other cute dogs and fitness trends to shame.

Why we clipped: Sometimes you just gotta sit back, relax, and watch a dog dressed as a bear run on a treadmill. Am I right?


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