Well we just got back from the 30A Songwriters Festival! We’re proud to say Freshtix was the ticketing partner for this 3-day music-filled beach bash. We sold and scanned thousands of tickets (we also jammed hard). How was your week? Shut up Ashley, we’re here to read. Yeah, yeah, got it. Here’s what we read this week. Get your read on gang!

How To Flow Chart Everything and Improve Your Event Process  via Endless Entertainment


The beauty of this visual form of communication is that it can easily communicate things, not so easily communicated by words, such as the order or flow of actions being taken in real life. At Design Pickle we live and die by flowcharts so we’re able to ensure quality and speed as we deliver next day graphic design for our clients. Without them, it would be impossible to communicate how we work to our global team through written description alone.

Why we clipped it: We really love organization around here and even more so we love free stuff. After you get really excited about making flowcharts, Endless points you to a FREE service to make them.

Where are my event photographs? via eventphotos Australia


Have you ever asked yourself why your photographs can’t be delivered onsite at your event or first thing in the morning? Well to be totally honest, they can be. But why aren’t they is probably the more important question.

Why we clipped it: Quite simply we HAVE asked ourselves that question so we figured you guys probably had too.

15 Ideas for On-Theme Staff Outfits via BizBash 


Event professionals who want to create a completely immersive environment know that dressing a space goes beyond inanimate decor—it includes outfitting greeters, servers, and other members of the team that interact with guests.

Why we clipped it: Honestly, this was my attempt at getting our CEO to let me dress our event staff in funny outfits but they actually had some pretty great ideas.

Facebook Dominates Social Sharing While Twitter Sees a Decline via ClickZ



Facebook continues to lead the pack when it comes to social sharing activity, according to a newly released ShareThis report based on data from the fourth quarter of 2014.

Why we clipped it: Keeping up with social media trends and how users are sharing information (like your event announcements) is critical for any savvy event planner.

12 Dazzling Distractions from The Internet This Week via Econsultancy


A warning for all internet motorists out there, if you do become dazzled by anything you see on the internet, slow down and try to avoid looking directly at it.

Why we clipped it: I usually give you guys ONE fun little something at the end to make you smile. I guess technically I still am, but this ONE fun little something has TWELVE fun little somethings in it. Ya welcome.

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