Happy June from Freshtix! We have a lot of cool updates to share with you this month – from tips on ways to use the Freshtix platform to info on using RFID technology at your next festival or event. We hope your summer is an awesome one!

Data and Analytics from Freshtix

Data is everywhere. More and more, event organizers are using it to plan everything from ticket pricing to marketing spend.  Freshtix has made it a key focus in 2017 to expand our analytics and reporting capabilities as we continue to grow our platform.

You can access Analytics directly from your dashboard. View important stats on everything from ticket sales by type or source to the number of times your event page is viewed. The information is available in graph and list form.


Use data to:

  • Decide how many tickets to sell per ticket type
  • Determine the most effective on sale day and time
  • Plan pricing and promotions
  • Plan your Marketing calendar and budget and determine how effective your campaigns were.
  • Staff events based on heaviest scan times

RFID Technology

Attend any festival, conference, or industry event these days and everyone, from organizers to attendees, is talking about the benefits of RFID technology. From faster, more efficient entry to a more convenient payment system which typically results in increased spend by attendees, RFID is leading the way in event technology. You can read more about our RFID technology here.

Wondering if RFID might be right for your upcoming event or festival? Download our checklist.

Create Promoter Tracking Links

Speaking of data, one of the most important pieces of information event organizers can gather is traffic sources. Where are your event page visitors coming from? What advertising is driving the most traffic? Is that traffic converting to sales? Perhaps you offer other promoters a commission for helping you sell tickets – how do you know if they are selling successfully on your behalf? With Freshtix, it is easy to create unique promoter-specific tracking links to give to different promoters to track their sales. You’ll be able to see all of the sales attributed to their specific URL in your Freshtix reporting!

Read more about how to use and create Promoter Tracking Links.

Provide Attendees a Know Before You Go

One of the best ways event organizers can ensure a successful event is by providing attendees all of the information they need to know about the event…BEFORE the event. Often called a “Know Before You Go”, the communication will answer all of those frequently asked questions, helping to ease chaos the day of the event. To help you get started, Freshtix has put together a list of the information we typically include in a KBYG.

The best part? You can easily send the information directly to attendees from the Freshtix platform! Here’s how.

From the Dashboard, choose “Send Emails”. then select “Update Attendees”. Choose your audience (you can either send to all ticket buyers or create specific messages per ticket type) and create your message.

Update Event Attendees

The platform makes it easy to communicate with attendees on any and all information pertaining to your event.


Easily Access the Freshtix Referral Program

Love Freshtix and know other event organizers who will too? Want to earn cash incentives for referrals? We’ve made it even easier for you to participate in the Freshtix Organizer Referral Program. You can now access the program directly from the Freshtix Dashboard! Refer other organizers and earn cash or receive an iPod ticket scanner that’s yours to keep!


June FreshTip: Want to learn how you can get 3000 people into your festival in 30 minutes? Read more here!

We’ll see you next month!


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