Our new Box Office Software solution has been months in the making and is finally ready for mass release. Now you can quickly and easily sell tickets through our platform and view those transactions alongside your advance sales on your reports.

You no longer need Square or a PayPal account to accept credit card sales on-site at your event.

During the purchase process (depending on how busy you are) you can either use our Full Box Office solution or process a Quick Sale in a matter of seconds.

What’s the difference?

  • With a Full Box Office Sale, you can collect a ticket buyer’s mailing address and phone number along with their name, email address and zip code
  • With a Quick Sale, you only collect their name, zip code and email address.

It’s free for cash sales. Simply select “Cash” as the payment method and complete the sale in less than 3 seconds.

We charge a small percentage of the total sale for credit card transactions. And unlike Square and PayPal we don’t charge you a transaction fee as well as a percentage. These transactions too take only a few seconds.

Please make sure your Organizer profile is complete and then send an email to greenlight@freshtix.com to activate this feature.

Now, you’ll be able to create ‘Box Office Tickets’ which are different from your ‘Online Tickets’. TIP: These typically don’t have a convenience fee attached to them.

For example: a $10.00 ticket (when sold online) has a $1.49 fee added for a total of $11.49. (Remember, the fee is paid by the ticket buyer so there’s no cost to you.)

However, your ‘Box Office Ticket’ will be a flat cost of only $10.00.

If the purchaser pays with cash, you’ll get the full $10.00 for each ticket sold.

If the purchaser pays with a credit or debit card, you’ll get $9.50 for each ticket sold ($10 minus 5%).

What else can I use this for?

  • Selling advance tickets on-site at another event.
    • Perhaps you organize other smaller events and want to sell tickets at those for your upcoming big event.
  • Issuing complimentary tickets to contest winners and sponsors
    • By creating a ‘COMP’ Box Office Ticket type and sending those via our Box Office solution, it will only be available for sale in your Organizer dashboard and never online.

Do I need any equipment?

Our Box Office Software is designed to work best on a laptop (Mac or PC) or simple Chromebook. Because many of our clients are large festivals and venues, we opted to create a true Box Office Software solution with more functionality than a simple mobile app could handle. However, it works great on a Windows tablet!

You’ll need a simple USB credit card reader if you don’t want to key the credit card number in by hand (who does?!). We have those available for free for most events. Just email greenlight@freshtix.com to get yours.






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