Our tagline here at Freshtix is “Post. Promote. Party On.” That’s because we enable you to do all three of those things quickly and easily. The piece organizers often get overwhelmed by is that little “promote” part. There’s SO many options, SO many mediums, where do you even begin?

With the marketing tools available to you on Freshtix.

There are several ways Freshtix helps you promote your event; many of them right there in the wizard. In this post I’m going to break Freshtix event promotion tools down for you and show you how to set them up. Let’s start promoting!

As you build your way through the Event Wizard you will get to a step we refer to as “Marketing Information.”  In this step you will have to opportunity to promote your social networks and Facebook event page. This is a great opportunity for you to encourage engagement from your audience. Enter your twitter handle (or event hashtag), your Facebook page URL, and your Facebook event page URL. All of this information will then appear on your event page.



Freshtix Event Wizard “Marketing Information” Tab

Your twitter feed on your event page

Your twitter feed on your event page

Your Facebook page on your event page

Your Facebook page on your event page

Your Facebook event page and RSVPs

Your Facebook event page and RSVPs

Snazzy right? And so easy. But wait folks THAT’S NOT ALL (I hope you read that in a game show host voice because that was my intention). Do you have a website for your event? Increase the chances of someone finding your event and making a purchase by embedding the Freshtix sales widget onto your page. This allows you to drive traffic to your site while you’re promoting you event without losing sales. The best part of this is that Freshtix has great SEO so the odds of folks finding your event and being able to by tickets doubles.

When you’re logged into your account, use the left hand panel to navigate to the marketing section. This is where you’ll find the sales widget, among other helpful tools.


This is what it looks like once you put it on your own site. You’ll see Wilmington Wine and Food Festival has an entire page dedicated to tickets. Click the image to enlarge.


Ok so, event page promotion options? Check. Your website options? Check. Now all that’s left is what we can offer from our side.

Retargeting is a great way to make sure you don’t lose those indecisive potential ticket buyers. If you’re not familiar with retargeting read this first. We can run your retargeting campaigns for you. Our packages start as low as $50 and we typically see an ROI of at least 12:1. We’ll drop the cookie, set it up, and send you weekly reports on how it’s performing. Easy peasy.

Finally, we have multiple channels of our own through which we can promote you. You’ll often find we do this without having to be asked but you can always contact us to make sure you’re getting the love you deserve. We have newsletters, multiple social channels, as well as this blog you’re already so fond of. Just let us know how we can help! After all, we don’t succeed if you don’t succeed.

Need a promotional feature we didn’t list here? Leave us a note in the comments and we’ll see what we can do. We’re here to help you promote your event in any way we can.




Ashley Staggs

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