Pi day may be about math, but there’s multiple ways you can celebrate! Here are a few ideas for your March. 14 pi festivities.

1. Eat pies. Lots of pies. This one is a given! Make yourself your favorite pie or go and buy one from the store. Share with your friends and family, or bring it to class for a themed event. Don’t know how to make a pie? Here are the 30 best pie recipes to get you started.

2. Convert pi into a workout. Put a little pi motivation into your day! Make 3.14 into a fun 5K run. Even better, make the run for a cause and do some fundraising! Check out this Pi Day 5K from the Teaching and Learning Collaborative (TLC) back in 2014.

pie1           pie3

3. Watch Pi Movies. Throw a movie party and watch The Life of Pi or American Pie to celebrate! There’s actually a filmed called π about a mathematician that goes crazy. But you’ve been warned you…it’s definitely intended for adult audiences only.

4. Learn something new! Pi day is all about celebrating mathematics and the power of knowledge. So go learn something new. Research something you’ve always wanted to learn more about or read a book. Or even look into the history of pi. Educate the mind!


5. Make pi jokes. “You’d be irrational to celebrate Pi Day.” Get it? Try and recite as much of it as you can and memorize it by the end of the day. Tell the time on the clock in pi terms. Whatever you can come up with.





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