You want your guests to have a good time right? In order to achieve good feedback from your event, there are a few things you probably shouldn’t do. So here are 11 things you should steer clear of when your planning gets going…

business event

1. No Wifi. Seriously, don’t leave it up to the venue to provide Wifi. Guests need to stay connected with your event as well as keep up with the rest of their work life via their phone. No wifi=angry guests.

2. Having a PDF schedule. The last thing business people want is another download on their computer. It’s possible to use a JPEG file, just make sure it’s not blurry. The best solution is to try using event mobile apps to make a schedule. Also make sure the schedule is effective and enforced, because people don’t like to awkwardly stand around, confused as to where to go.

3. Having a bad event website. This is the hub of your event, and it’s probably going to include a lot of information. However, it needs to be clean, simple and easy to read and navigate.

4. Too much technology. Technology is fantastic for events, particularly social media. However when there is a LOT of it, messages can get lost in the clutter. Try to figure out what technology and social networks your attendees use and cater towards those. Limit the amount of “share this” and “like this!” People don’t like to feel like there is too much being asked of them.

5. No technology. This is probably worse than too much. Today’s society is social media savvy, and your guests might not know how to communicate the event otherwise. Use hashtags that are short and easy to understand. This concept also goes for more than just social media; try automated registration and live polls as well.

6. Not catering to people with disabilities. This may be something you didn’t initially take into consideration, however it does happen. Be sure you’re event is accessible to EVERYONE.

7. Slow on-site registration. There is not a single soul out there that likes to wait in line. Make the registration quicker with options like downloadable and/or some sort of ticket than can scan.

8. No hotel live rates. It’s not fair for your attendees to go through the nightmare of booking themselves a hotel. It’s also not fair to only give them one hotel to book. Help them out a little with live hotel rates.

9. Giving away the attendees data for marketing. You need to set rules for what your sponsors and partners can and can’t do regarding your guests. You want to protect your attendees, and you also don’t want to lose your reputation.

10. Always having the same speakers. Switch it up a little bit! Chances are if you bring back the same person, they’re going to say the same thing over and over. Fresh faces keep people on their toes!

11. Your coordinators are a nervous wreck. Yes event planning is stressful, but don’t show it all over your face. It gives you a bad rep, and you don’t want to stress out your guests in the process. You are paid to look professional despite the stress, so look the part!


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